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About Kyle

Kyle Davis was born and raised in Massachusetts in a mixed family with two moms, two brothers and two sisters as the middle child. Kyle had the privilege of growing up with close relatives from a variety of backgrounds and cultures including a grandmother who was an immigrant from Curacao and a Jewish grandfather whose family members were killed in the Holocaust.  Kyle's ancestry also includes Mexican, Indigenous and European heritage.  Coming of age as a gay man in a society with so much injustice sparked a passion for equality very early on in life.After high school, Kyle moved to the North Shore where he began working as a waiter and Uber driver. Despite falling in love with Salem and the surrounding area, being immersed in a new community also meant witnessing the great racial and economic inequalities within it. For years, Kyle has been building coalitions for positive change as the lead organizer of protests, petitions and legislative pressure campaigns. He's been a leading voice locally in the fight for truly universal healthcare, reproductive justice, housing reform and bold criminal justice reform. 

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